Grace Lutheran School offers very affordable tuition. More information can be found below.

Member of Grace Member of CLC Non-CLC member
$350/student annually $1000/student annually $2100/student annually
  • Payment plans may be set up on a case by case basis by making your desire made known to the school board (church council).
  • Families new to Grace, who enroll a student in any grade from K-8, may wish to pursue the introductory offer available. Families are asked to complete a series of five informative sessions (approximately 60 minutes per session) about Grace, the CLC, and the religious instruction at Grace Lutheran School. Upon completion of these sessions, the pastor will notify the council and billing will be switched from non-member status to member of Grace status. This is only the billing status, membership at Grace is not granted unless requested by the applicant AND the complete course of instruction for membership is completed.
  • The congregation of Grace Lutheran Church, Sleepy Eye, will pay, upon request, the price of tuition and books for all young members of this congregation who enroll as students in Grace Lutheran School (K-8th grade), or any other CLC grade school.
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